Tuesday, September 22, 2009

creative arts emmys - nokia theatre

this is a long time coming, but last week i had the pleasure of attending the creative arts emmy award ceremony, courtesy of my good friend natasha at daily variety. for those who are unfamiliar, the emmys used to take place over one night, but a lot of the categories got shoved to the side in favor of the marquee ones (best actor, best supporting actress, etc.), so they broke it up into two segments a few years ago to even things out.

the ceremony took place at the nokia theatre at LA live, the bustling new complex located next to the staples center which houses eateries, entertainment (lucky strike lanes) and more. it was quite the madhouse what with all the celebs (i was scrunched up next to donald faison of 'clueless' and 'scrubs fame) and limos, but once i arrived they quickly stepped aside so natasha and i could make our way to the front door.

the award show got a bit tedious towards the end (i had to leave three hours in to head down to irvine), but highlights included tina fey and watching seth mcfarlane do voices for peter griffin, stewie and brian on stage...