Saturday, November 8, 2008

CNN parkour segment

filmed another news segment on parkour today, this time with the CNN local affiliate. we ended up shooting at santa monica college with a group of six of us from PK Cali and did most of the same stuff we did for the USC documentary a few months back.

included was precision jumping (where i unfortunately fell flat on my back when i came up short on a long jump), quadrupedal movement across a parking structure ledge, shimmying across a brick wall and a choreographed piece at the main fountain. but did you know they had football field on campus? i had no idea until i saw this sparkling field of deep green. i wanted to eat off that turf it was so pristine...

afterwards they got a couple of us on camera for interviews, myself included. all i can remember is i sounded like a retard, so hopefully they will leave that footage on the cutting room floor, for real. the finished piece should be completed in the next week or two, so hopefully i'll be able to provide you with a link to their news segment!

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Nestor said...

let me know when that segment will air. love the parkour stuff. if i wasn't so fat, i'd like to pick it up myself.