Sunday, February 28, 2010

day 14 (cont'd) - ko phi phi, thailand

after i got back from the exhilarating day trip, i roamed around the island and came across a real boxing ring in the middle of a sports bar (not everyday one sees this), along with some locals playing hacky sack with a makeshift ball...

i also kept seeing signs that pointed to a viewpoint, so since it was nearing sunset, i thought hey, i might as well take advantage of this great island to get even more pictures. what they don't tell you is that ever 300km or so, there's another sign that says 300km this way, so it ends up being this cruel exercise straight out of an escher print.

there were human detritus littered all along way, some furiously panting while their shirts were soaked thru, while others were straight up laid out on the side of the road. i was sweating balls, but remained undeterred in my quest up the hill. the one bright spot is that the entire way was quite delicious in smell, as native rose apple trees were in bloom:

still climbing skyward, i finally saw signs of tangible progress. if it weren't for this, i was ready to pack it up and turn around. but the fruits of my labor were not in vain. one can see both sides of phi phi don in one fell swoop: to the left is ton sai bay and to the right is loh dalum bay.

after a few minutes to collect my breath, i scurried down towards land and caught a last few remaining pics before the sun disappeared. on the right is a local fire dancer running thru his routine - without flame...

the phi phi islands are simply a wonderful slice of heaven and quite the majestic beauty of a natural habitat. this is definitely one place i was embarrassed to carry around my digital camera, as it simply can't do the landscape justice despite my best efforts. i can't recommend this place enough, and only wish we had ditched phuket and stayed here the entire four days. but there's always next time, right?

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