Monday, July 19, 2010

hollywood bowl - the swell season

finally made my inaugural trip to the hollywood bowl last night, after a whole lotta time spent living in socal. better late than never, no?

i was gifted tickets to a lineup that had undercards the bird and the bee and she & him (zooey deschanel & m. ward) for topliners the swell season, featuring the exploits of former couple glen hansard and marketa irglova from the irish film 'once.' they ended up performing five songs total from the film: "if you want me," "lies," "when your mind's made up," "falling slowly" and as an encore, "say it to me now." hansard performs with such conviction and emotion, he almost blew out the sound system in his higher register. irglova is a fantastic counterpoint with her delicate, soothing voice, and they sound beautiful together.

showed up early to picnic and found a shady spot to dive into freshly cut watermelon, salads from lemonade, and treats from snookies cookies. plus, a little vino never hurt nobody...

and it goes without saying, but what a beautiful venue in what has to be considered the crown jewel of outdoor auditoriums in all of the US. the location is unmatched, with it perched directly under the hollywood sign, and last night's weather of 75 at start couldn't have been better.

now i'm just kicking myself for never having been prior...

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