Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mount whitney - preparations

so it's set: our first attempt at ascending mount whitney takes place monday, october 4. taking the day off from work, as we have our day permits lined up (weekends are too tough, as they issue only 100 per day in peak season and one has to enter into a lottery prior).

we're planning to spend sunday night in lone pine, then hit the whitney portal trailhead 4am sharp. it's a 22-mile out-and-back hike climbing over 6000 feet in elevation from the start at 8,365 feet. i've never done a hike this long nor in this altitude before, so i have no idea what to expect. the most difficult part is strategizing what to pack - you want to be prepared, but at the same time you need to travel light because of the distance.

water is an issue, because you can't possibly pack enough H2O to last 22 miles - unless you're either the incredible hulk or have a sherpa at the ready. and weather will be tough to gauge, as temps in lone pine are in the low 90s this week, but at the summit it's sunk as cold as 34.

regardless, i'm ready for the challenge and excited at the opportunity to take down my first "14." wish me luck!

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Christina :) said...

I was searching Google Images for a Whitney photo (the ones online are way better than the ones I took) & I ended up on your blog. Just wanted to say cool site! Might try out some of your restaurant recs. Thanks!