Friday, December 31, 2010

costa rica - day 6 - san josé

was up at the crack of dawn in full attack mode over the loss passport. as she was upending every crevasse of her ginormous carry-on, i was contacting casa colina and various lost & founds to no avail. when i heard a shriek, i turned around to see the most lovely navy blue cover in her hand. OMG what a relief. i was already planning on staying a few extra days to wait for an emergency replacement, so traveling back today didn't sound like a bad idea after all...

with all the excitement, we missed breakfast but still had a few hours to kill before heading to the airport. after packing up and printing our boarding passes, we took a stroll into the main part of town to grab one last lunch and shop for various knick knacks at mercado central.

spotted our first mickey D's on the main thoroughfare and it was a double decker doozy. we opted for something a little uh, more local and settled on soda chelles for a blackberry smoothie and a jamon y queso sandwich.

our cab picked us up from casa 69 at 2:30pm sharp and we were on our way to juan santamaria international airport. it's always bittersweet making the trek home, but i was thrilled to experience central america for even a short amount of time. six days is much too little to spend here in order to get a good glimpse into the people, the culture, the food and the way of life. alas, i hope to be back!

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