Monday, August 1, 2011

new wheels

i've been throwin around the possibility of getting a two-wheeler these past few years, but never quite got serious enough. but with the advent of gas costing four bucks a gallon - not to mention the weather, the proximity to work and the relative flatness of socal - i finally decided to pull the trigger.

enter the globe roll 2, engineered by specialized. first spotted in a mag, the visual appeal was undeniable, but the pricetag was a bit high for my liking. plus, it's a single gear bike - with a flip flop hub to turn fixie - so i wasn't entirely sold on the concept. but after a bit of tubthumping, i came around on the refreshing simplicity of it all (who needs 27 speeds in LA?) and fell in love with its clean, classic frame.

so initially i set out to get the roll 1 - same body frame but with lesser parts (crank, rims, pedals & bearings). long story short, i found a brand new 2 for less than the sale price of a 1, so i rolled the dice - in fjord blue no less - sight unseen. i picked it up on saturday morning and it's flat out gorgeous. only problem will be keeping it clean...

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