Friday, September 21, 2012

a new dawn

my current reign at my apartment is finally coming to an end.

my beloved manager (a few of you know how i really feel) decided to raise the rent, and given my past history with him, i decided that that was the last straw. it's not so much that the added amount was a financial burden, but the dude has a history of ekeing out extra money from tenants like marrow from bone.

this is the guy that has:

* retroactively raised my security deposit twice from the original amount i paid upon moving in (i had no idea that it was even legal)
* tried to blame a busted garbage disposal on me because of a blueberry (yes, a blueberry)
* tried to get me to pay plumbing charges for a clogged sink due to my LONG hair (he said that it doesn't fall under the guise of normal wear and tear)
* enters my apartment on his own without proper warning (actually any warning for that matter)
* apparently given the next door neighbor (not my neighbor, but the dude who lives in the next building over) a master key, only to see him open my apartment last week to show it to a prospective new tenant while i was half naked coming out of the shower
* tried to get me to pay him cash for him taking over the garbage/recycling for the building. when i opted to stick with my bins and take them out every week, he erupted for not conforming and to this day, reminds me in nearly every conversation we have
* labels me as difficult because i have direcTV (mind you, i cleared it with him before installing the dish when i moved in) and to this day, reminds me in nearly every conversation we have

so, i am finally and gleefully bidding adieu and am excited to move into the new joint starting this weekend. i'll be sending out an e-mail to friends & family with the new address, so feel free to send my housewarming gifts shortly after!

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