Thursday, October 28, 2010

eggleston at LACMA - opening reception

headed to tonight's opening night reception at LACMA for william eggleston, recognized by many as a master of color photography.

i've seen the documentary short entitled "william eggleston: photographer," which gives a neat overview of his process and method in capturing images. he seemingly has a haphazard, almost arbitrary style of taking photos, and his rule of taking only one of each subject is quite remarkable.

** update **

last night's event was definitely a highlight, as not only was it my first time visiting LACMA, but i also got to meet eggleston himself - looking dapper in a cream colored suit w/black bow tie. i was also introduced to a few of the museum heads who are arranging next weekend's panel focusing on his photography...

plus, it afforded me the change to ride in the coolest elevator i've ever been in - a clear, exposed artistic jewelcase the size of one's living room:

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