Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SF giants - world series champs

a lifetime pursuit has finally been realized with my giants taking out the rangers to capture their first ever world championship for the city of san francisco. a quick recap of memorable events over the years:

johnnie lee lemaster. mimicking the batting stance of C milt may

receiving my first croix de candlestick.

veni. vidi. vixi. indeed.

will 'the thrill' clark's HR in his 1st major league at-bat in the astrodome.

landing my first gig at candlestick park. chillin in section 23 with the rest of my fellow vendors. trying to see carnation chocolate malts on a wednesday 7:35pm game against the montreal expos at the stick with an announced attendance of 7,902, yelling "ice cream here!" while fans in parkas wrapped in blankets peer out with icicle stares. candy maldonado's misplayed ball against the cards in the NLCS.

mike krukow's eephus pitch.

kevin mitchell's bare-handed catch of a fly ball down the LF line against the cards. watching my buddy frank ask dave dravecky for his autograph when his left (pitching) arm was in a sling. talking to SS jose uribe before a home game, then having him dart away to take a dump. sprinting home from school to catch clark's game winner against mitch 'wild thing' williams in game 5 of the NLCS against the cubbies. the thrill's 1.200 slugging percentage in the series. in attendance at game 3 of the world series when the earthquake struck at 5:04pm, racing on to the field and remembering the look of terror on everybody's face.

the arrival of barry "US" bonds.

matt williams' 33 HRs at the 1994 all-star break threatening the all-time single season HR record before the strike prematurely ended the season and his pursuit.

trying to catch game 6 vs. anaheim while in maui participating in jay's wedding. when i raced away from the proceedings to find a bar, my elation at a 5-3 lead turned to horror after scott spiezio's 3-run HR in the 8th.

at dodger stadium when bonds was at #754. going to the concession stand with a friend attired in dodger blue and her hearing catcalls of "honey, i feel sorry for you!"

2010 - broke the streak of the giants losing every game i've attended at dodger stadium (previously 0 for 5) on an improbable come from behind victory. stressing about playing game #163 in san diego on a monday, then traveling to atlanta for #164 the next day in the event of a three-team tie. taking the division on the final sunday, the same sunday i arrive to scale mount whitney. 2010 world series champs. elation, tears & pride. so this is what it feels to be a winner...

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