Monday, November 22, 2010

eats - A-frame

took a trip to restauranteur roy choi's newly opened A-frame in culver city and enjoyed one of the better dining experiences i've ever had in socal. billed as a modern picnic, it expands on the hip & casual vibe previously set out with choi's kogi/alibi room and chego, and the food is more of the same - asian-inspired but with a twist.

the space is actually a former ihop locale, gussied up to utilize the gorgeous architectural structure of its namesake. the interior resembles a contemporary ski lodge with its birch-tinged walls and cozy confines.

seating takes advantage of its space constrictions with its liberal use of communal tables, which is an added bonus. we sat next to a friendly couple who were equally excited to be there, so all of us ended up eating family style since we ordered distinctly different items.

we opted for the:

* island farmer's salad (shaved maui onions, tofu, fried garlic, seasonal fruit & ginger shoyu vinaigrette)
* blue crab cakes (w/ginger lemongrass creme fraiche, baby lola rosa perilla leaves and eaten like a taco)
* cracklin beer can chicken (peruvian style w/century egg, salsa roja & salsa verde)
* kitchen fries (purple sweet potato, yam, korean sweet potato w/kimchee sour cream & sea salt)
* fried apple pie w/southern comfort caramel & cheddar ice cream

12565 washington blvd.
los angeles, CA 90066

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