Saturday, March 19, 2011

review - nike+ sportband

consider me a little late to the game, but i finally climbed aboard the nike+ train and it's all systems go. for the uninitiated (which included me until this past thursday), nike+ helps you track your distance, pace, time and calories burned while you run. they achieve this thru a small sensor you place underneath the removable insole of a nike+ shoe, which in my case is the original lunaracer. used in conjunction with the sportband (essentially a rubber watch), one can remove the link - it doubles as a USB port - plug into your computer and voila!

you can log each of your runs, track your progress, set goals and even interact with friends also using nike+ to create a sort of friendly competition... all in the name of getting in better shape. i seriously can't wait to get out for my 2nd run...

one can also calibrate the link so that the distance is accurate, whether by going to a track or a location with clear mileage markers. desperate to take it out for a spin, vim & i ran a personal best 10.02 miles in santa monica (SM pier to the venice pier, then turned around and reached entrada ave, then back to SM pier) today. my band somehow logged it as 15.39, so i adjusted it back to 10.02. i should have a more accurate reading next time around, but to be safe, i'll head to the UCLA track and dole out exact distances.

some of the other info it spit out in a fun interactive graph/readout were as follows:

duration: 1:52:28
mileage: 15.39
pace: 7'18" (average)
calories burned: 1,746 (adjusted down b/c of the incorrect mileage)

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