Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 warrior dash socal - results

survived my 2nd warrior dash, with the revamped course showing more of its fangs this time around. because of my parkour background, i remember thinking last year that i wished the obstacles were more difficult so i could make up more ground on the runners. well my wishes were granted, holy smokes. perhaps i should refrain from such thoughts in the future.

the layout remains the same - 3.08 hellish miles with about 12 sets of obstacles interspersed throughout. new for this year was something akin to a spiderweb, except made out of bungee cord that one had to try to maneuver thru, around or under. looking back, the best way to attack it would have been a military crawl underneath the whole thing, but what's done is done. a quick recap of the obstacles i can remember:

1. hay fever - straw bales were also on the flat part, which made the climb that much tougher.
2. junkyard jam - they placed tires at the foot of each landing area, which made each jump that much more precarious
3. warrior wall - they placed a rope line immediately after each wall, so one had to go over/under four straight times
4. said spiderweb obstacle (see above)
5. walk the plank - easy if you have balance, but the uphill climb out of the gully is a bear
6. tumbleweed tickler - either i was so gassed or i have bad memory, but i can't recall this
7. deadweight drifter - same as last year. still hard.
8. wall/rope climb - i just scaled the wall sans rope. finally an advantage!
9. cargo climb - much higher than last year
10. warrior roast - higher flames this year
11. muddy mayhem - more mud, so everybody had to get down & dirty for this one

i thought i might be able to improve upon my time from last year, but after i barely trudged past the finish line, i'm not so sure. stay tuned... results should be posted this evening...

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