Tuesday, November 29, 2011

car trouble

more updates to come, but a scary moment returning to LA on sunday. while driving down the 405, i found myself unable to put my car in gear - any gear - at the top of the hill at sherman oaks. fortunately we were able to coast down the hill the entire way to my freeway exit while in neutral, and was able to glide into a random parking spot near best buy.

ended up calling AAA to have it towed to my honda dealer and was hit with the bad news yesterday... a worn out clutch. it's a significant repair to replace the entire clutch kit, as most of the work has to do with labor costs in removing the transmission to get to the clutch. not the best time what with the holidays coming up, so it was quite the blow. hopefully i can find somewhere to sell my body and make up for it that way.

nevertheless, i'm thankful that we were able to make it down safely and in one piece...

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