Wednesday, November 16, 2011

gjelina - impeccable customer service

sunday night had us enjoying another amazing dinner at gjelina - the place seriously never ceases to fail - but i went home singing the praises not of chef travis lett, but rather of the waitstaff.

just sips into a hoppy stone ruination IPA, the lady next to me got up to leave, but her purse hit our water bottle and it came crashing down on our table. broken glass, water and sadly some beer spilled everywhere (even my jeans), but within seconds they had it wiped down and glass removed, with crispy new menus and a new ruination atop our table.

the manager offered to have my jeans laundered or dry cleaned on the house, but i didn't want to take advantage, as a regular wash would have done the trick. not only that, when it came to dessert - as i was in excitement mode anticipating their butterscotch pot de crème - our server gifted us that and their apple crisp w/cinnamon gelato, remarking that i "still had wet pants."

i thought they did a standup job in going to great lengths to take care of their customer, turning an unfortunate incident into a warm and welcoming one. thank you gjelina and i will be back soon!

1429 abbot kinney
venice, CA 90291

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