Friday, December 2, 2011

eats - short order

despite car trouble on sunday, it didn't stop me from enjoying at least part of the day, so heidi & i took a spin in her car for lunch at the grove. it was quite the crowd over the extended break, so it was definitely a harbinger of what's to come this holiday season. nevertheless, we were undeterred in our quest to try short order - nancy silverton's (mozza) new burger joint.

our order consisted of:

* short order burger - grass-fed beef, morbier (french milk cheese), griddled mushrooms, bibb (butterhead lettuce) & mustardy mayo
* short order spuds w/dipping sauce - basically a baked potato ripped apart by hand, then flash fried and served with typical baked potato accoutrements (sour cream, chives & bacon)
* coffee malt milk shake - scrumptious
* bear republic mach 10 - very difficult to find on tap anywhere, let alone socal

the first thing that jumps out at you is the quality of the grass-fed beef here. if you don't ask, they serve it medium-rare, which is just how i like it. ranking-wise, i'd have to put it at either #2 or #3 in LA behind father's office and next to the golden state on fairfax. and besides the short order, there's another burger w/beef (nancy's backyard), along with turkey, pork and tuna for variety.

the short order spuds were a revelation! it's a different experience than typical fries and seeing as i love baked potatoes, this couldn't have been any better. plus, they offer off up ketchup to go along with the dipping sauce...

short order
6333 w. 3rd st.
los angeles, CA 90036

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