Thursday, January 19, 2012

stone brewing world bistro & gardens

had the day off on tuesday, so we took a road trip down to san diego for some running/hiking at mission trails, followed by a trip to stone's world bistro & gardens. in addition to the plethora of taps and an incredible bottle selection, their food is outstanding and atypical of what you'd think a brewery would serve up. love that place!

choices, choices
chicken tikka masala
open interior
it's a stone!

returned home just in time for dinner, where we've been on a ramen kick lately. my top two had previously been daikokuya (little tokyo) and asahi (sawtelle), but this past weekend we tried yamadaya and santouka, both of which are adjacent to culver city.

thought yamadaya was a bit too pork-laced, so i preferred santouka instead. also, you can order your bowl size in small, medium or large, which is a nice touch. still, daikokuya and asahi remain in the top two spots...

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