Saturday, February 4, 2012

stone winter storm ahead...

my training took an unexpected hiccup this week when i woke up with a sore throat on wednesday... so much so that i called in sick to work. it sapped a bit of strength out of me, as i felt sluggish and weak during my run on thursday night. i wasn't planning on running today (the race is sunday at 8am), but i felt like i needed to get one more in to play catch-up with my body. better than thursday but not quite where i was last week, which is frustrating, as i felt like i was in prime condition to attack this course. nevertheless, i hope to get in a good meal and sleep tonight and am hoping for the best tomorrow.

that being said, i'm excited about hitting up stone winter storm tomorrow at stone brewing world bistro & gardens.

stone clears out all 32 taps and will be pouring nothing but the brewery's special releases, vintage ales, collaborations, one-offs, barrel-aged goodness and much more. some of the highlights include: the ultra limited stonewall ale, 12th anniversary bitter chocolate oatmeal stout (aged in bourbon barrels) and the 2006 double bastard (aged in brandy barrels).

can't wait!

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