Friday, June 12, 2009

BAPK massive west coast jam

on may 23, bay area parkour (BAPK) hosted its first ever massive west coast jam, bringing in traceurs from southern cali, washington, oregon, british columbia and the yay area for a full day session. us cats from PK cali turned in a contingent of about 15, so it was neat to see familiar faces and meet a lot of new peeps.

we converged at battery godfrey at 11am in the presidio, where local guides took us to WWII bunkers, wooded trail runs, park playgrounds and school campuses. a few park rangers tried to detail our day at the outset (what in the heck are these 80+ people doing?), but luckily we were able to disperse and avoid any conflict. oh, and who knew that these bunkers existed right next to the golden gate bridge? i've spent half my life here and am ashamed i had never known or been. my bad.

our day was capped off with a big BBQ at golden gate park, complete with kong bench, capoeira rodas, soccer and frisbees. twas a glorious day and i was straight up exhausted by the end, but i appreciated having a group really push you to the limits. sadly, i dove into a raw burger and suffered from food poisoning the morning after...

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