Monday, June 15, 2009

concert: lykke li - hollywood forever cemetery

recently i had the chance to attend the concert of swedish indie rock artist lykke li at the hollywood forever cemetery. this was simply an opportunity i could not pass up (thanks becky!), as lykke is a talented up and comer and it's not everyday one goes to a concert at a cemetery.

show time was 8pm, so we arrived shortly after at the masonic lodge, a two story building near the main entrance of the cemetery. it was still daylight so nothing too spooky was going on, but the venue was quite the showpiece. fog machines were in the heezy and three ginormous gothic chairs sat front and center on stage. we were able to snag a seat on the benches off to the side - preferable, as they are elevated - and anxiously awaited her entrance.

let me tell you, lykke does not disappoint. though relatively small in stature, she owns the mic and has quite the stage presence despite an adorable-sounding voice. she tore thru most of the songs on her debut album YOUTH NOVELS and had the whole place dancing in the aisles. having heard only a few of her songs prior to, i picked up the entire album as soon as i got home.

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