Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

don't mean to get all sentimental on ya, but today's a day to celebrate my dad, who i am most proud of. everybody has a story to tell about their father, but mine was born and raised in korea with his brothers, immigrated to the US without knowing a lick of english, and made something of himself and his family in the good ol' bay area. and since education was first and foremost in my parents' eyes, they busted their tail to send my sister and i to the best schools (stuart hall for boys - a private, catholic grammar school in the pacific heights, st. ignatius college prep - a private, catholic high school in the sunset) money could buy despite our middle class upbringing. and though he was extremely strict (couldn't watch tv, forced me to ration food at a young age, coughed up half my paycheck at my job, and he always had the belt or stick at the ready), i fell in line and adopted the same strong morals that he so vigorously instilled. he taught me to never blame anybody else or to use excuses for one's own shortcomings, all things i have ingrained as part of my makeup today. for that, i am most grateful and appreciative of my dad. happy father's day indeed.

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