Tuesday, January 18, 2011

eats - water grill

sunday night brought about dinner in downtown at the water grill, another los angeles first checked off courtesy of my parents. come to think of it, my folks should come down more often if it's going to inspire me to get about town!

the water grill has been hailed as the best seafood in los angeles, so a spin from the raw bar was in order. we ordered a dozen oysters of three varieties - my fave being the conway cups from prince edward island - plus the jumbo lump blue crab cake and calamari fritto misto to start it off.

for our main course, heidi swiped my original selection of the soy ginger-braised black cod, so i opted for the line caught pacific swordfish w/peppadew hummus, pomegranate couscous and mint yogurt sauce. swordfish is traditionally a meatier and less flaky fish, but this iteration was the most tender i've had yet. pops had the flat-iron steak w/truffle watercress butter and my mom went all in with the 1 1/4 lb. steamed lobster w/butter sauce:

even though we were pretty full, who can pass up dessert? red velvet pudding and cheesecake w/pear & blackberry jam were in the house:

the restaurant even threw in their 2nd complimentary dish (the 1st was an amuse bouche of raw tuna) - another dessert including mini chocolate hazelnut macarons and lemon poppyseed tarts. the food was terrific and the service even better - props to our server mike for such an enjoyable feast!

water grill
544 s. grand ave.
los angeles, CA 90071

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