Thursday, January 27, 2011

salomon XR crossmax - first look

with warrior dash 2011 (april) and the 10k mudrun at camp pendleton (june) looming, it was time to lock down the right equipment for my training in the mountains. with my vegas winnings from hitting a 5-team parlay, i treated myself to some new kicks - the salomon XR crossmax, a hybrid trail-running shoe designed for the trail and for the streets.

since i spend quite a bit of my time either running, hiking or tooling around various fire roads, what better way to take advantage of the terrain with only one shoe than these suckers. the upper is a stretchy mesh which is virtually seamless, so the fit is snug yet with room to roam. plus, it has a one-tug lacing system designed for speed, with a hidden pocket to hide the laces in.

the sole looks like a traction beast, with miniature hang glider cutouts designed to plant in the toughest conditions. i hope to take these puppies out for a spin this weekend...

salomon XR crossmax
release date: february 2011

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