Friday, February 25, 2011

eats - phillips BBQ

celebrating my last day of vacation going into the weekend, what better way to treat myself to lunch (thursday's was the godmother from bay cities deli) than with the best barbecue in los angeles - phillips.

it's a bit of a trek with it being in inglewood, but it's all worth it when you smell the hard-working smoker as you approach the block. there are no tables or places to sit save a bench off to the side, and the take-out window sits intimidatingly behind a partitioned wall of bulletproof glass.

since my previous visit consisted of tearing apart the gargantuan beef ribs, this time i opted for the finger-sucking dinner of pork ribs, BBQ beans & potato salad. at just $13, you're hooked up with 6 large individual ribs slathered in its spicy tomato-based sauce, two sides & two slices of lunch bread. it's so good that one doesn't mind getting lost in the sauce; this is one meal that i don't mind taking a shower afterwards...

phillips bar-b-que II
1517 centinela ave.
los angeles, CA 90302

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