Wednesday, February 23, 2011

meditation mount

word got back that meditation mount was a great place to enjoy the sunset, and seeing as we had a bit of a time window before wine/cheese, we hopped in our ride and drove about 5 miles to this serene and sacred spot. it's a bit difficult to find - as one must ignore the warning and 'do not enter' signs - but upon arrival, city life is but a memory.

on a typical spring or summer day, one can supposedly witness the celebrated 'pink moment' atop the ojai hills, but seeing as it was partly cloudy, we didn't have such luck. still, it was really nice to step back and enjoy the surroundings - some guests huddled up in anticipation of the sunset, others broke out red wine to keep each other company...

meditation mount
10340 reeves road
ojai, CA 93023

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