Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V-day, part deux?

not to be outdone and right on the heels of valentine's day, the following e-mail managed to get thru my junk filter and appear in my inbox:

"Good day!!! I am Tatyana . I am 28 y.o.. I from city Cheboksary, it near 700 km from Moscow. I seen the announcement that there is possible to get relationship with the man on the Internet. It was very interested by me ,I have filled resume, and now I want to meet the person which is getting acquainted with me. Im the beautiful girl. I live with my mum and very much I don't have man's attention. I want to search men serious relationship. If you interested in me I will tell you more about myself. If it is interesting to you, write me please on my e-mail: It will be very good if you answer me. Your Tatyana."

i'm spoken for at the moment, but any eligible bachelor (or bachelorette for that matter) is welcome to contact tatyana directly. and nope, i won't be offended in the least...

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