Wednesday, April 27, 2011

kauai - day 4

tuesday brought about our hike on the kalalau trail, so we were out the door by 7am for the hour-long drive to the end of the north shore. the trail goes as far as 11 miles one way, but because we're here for only a short time, we opt to do the 8-mile roundtripper to hanakapi'ai falls. it's a slightly treacherous hike due to the slippery rocks (the north shore receives the most rainfall on the island) and boulder hopping across streams, but the variety and challenge make it most worthwhile.

not to mention the views... as the first two miles virtually hug the na pali coast as you make your way up, then down to hanakapi'ai beach.

the beach is unique in that there are a number of vertical rock formations littered throughout the shore:

heading to the falls, there are a few stretches where the trail isn't so clearly delineated because of the multiple stream crossings, so it's a relief that there are a few pink ribbons (below left) interspersed to affirm you're on the right path. below right you can see hanakapi'ai falls in the distance...

and here it is up close:

the second best part of reaching the falls is getting to feast on the spam musubi we brought with us.

fully refueled, we make our way back, but not before one last look...

we successfully made it back to our car at 1:30pm, so a little over 5 hours in full. since we're on the north shore headed back to the east side, we make a pitstop at hanalei taro & juice co. for a smoothie and for their taro mochi cake, which is out of this world. i don't say that about much, but it has to be tasted in order to be believed. wow.

on the drive back to kapa'a, we stopped for a few postcard-worthy panoramas. first, the hanalei valley lookout, where most of the taro grown in all of hawaii is grown here:

lastly, a shot of the kilauea lighthouse which was constructed in 1913:

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