Monday, May 2, 2011

kauai - day 5

wednesday in kauai was much more relaxed, as we had brunch in kapa'a at ono family restaurant and feasted on good local food. more importantly, there's a shop next door that rents cruiser bikes - 2 bikes for 2 hours for $10 total! - that enabled us to go up and down the new coastal path, otherwise known as ke ala hele makalae.

it's a newly constructed $30 million bike path along the coconut coast that offers unparalleled, stunning views just a few feet away from the shore:

we settled on having dinner at roy's in poipu, as i wanted to try the food on chef yamaguchi's homeland after singing the praises of the seriously addictive butterfish here in socal. we had a few minutes to spare, so here's a peek at the gorgeous poipu bay golf course.

and here's spouting horn park, where the poipu surf channels into a natural lava tube and sprays a huge spout of water upwards during large swells.

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