Saturday, May 7, 2011

happy mother's day!

a timely ode to my one and only mom
necessary on my part and long overdue
essentially but a laundry list of items
on how i can finally say thank you

for not buying more cocoa pebbles when i was a tyke
in a strange way teaching me the value of a dollar
yet affording the best education a kid could have
at all boys schools! turning me into a scholar

for my musical appreciation and relative pitch
all a result from the privelege of playing cello
to counterbalancing dad's stern right hand
by continuing to remain calm and mellow

saturdays would find us making kimchee in a tub
or maybe washing and picking bean sprouts
followed by countless nervous sunday mornings
spending time with montana, marino & fouts

if i was wrong or ever got into trouble
you were there to help, always at the ready
with a big hug and non-judgmental eyes
not to mention the best kalbi jim & spaghetti

so enjoy today with all your might
a day off of which you deserve so clearly
and please know that then, now and forever more
your son loves you very dearly.


TV-Reports said...

Happy mothers day!

Raul said...

Great blog i like it ;)

Nice Pictures

Anna said...

Your sweet words are enough to make all other mothers envious!

dishu said...