Thursday, September 29, 2011

point loma + stone brewing world bistro & gardens

after the boot camp challenge, i managed to sneak in one photo before getting shooed away by commanding officers.

got guns?
after a quick bite to refuel at con pane rustic breads & café, we made the drive up to cabrillo national monument to check out the view from point loma. fortunately for us, it was fee free saturday, so the $5 entrance fee was waived.

and here's the view of downtown SD:

POV from point loma

since we were in SD, it would be such a waste not to take advantage of the proximity to stone, so we made a side trip to the brewery specifically to visit the bistro & world gardens for the first time. i've been to the brewery numerous times for their yearly festival in august, but never had the chance to dine here.

and what a surprise it is! not your typical pub fare, but rather organic, artisanal produce & ingredients to mirror the care and love they use to treat their beer. plus, it's a gorgeous, open dining area with a bright and airy outdoor patio.

beer lineup was like so:

* great divide old ruffian barleywine
* russian river pliny the elder
* stone double dry hopped 15th anniversary black IPA

food lineup was such:

* mushroom pillows
* thai beef salad
* BBQ sandwich
* blueberry blue cheese jalapeno cheesecake

hitching a ride w/the stone gargoyle

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