Wednesday, September 28, 2011

seattle - day 3

sunday morning brought about a pit stop at top pot doughnuts, as it was a short walk from where we were staying at the mayflower park hotel.

dining w/hello kitty
we then spent the morning visiting and feeding the koi at the serene japanese garden, before doing a drive-by of former nirvana frontman kurt cobain's house on lake washington.

we headed over to safeco field for the mariners' day game vs. the texas rangers, which was my first time taking in a game at the jewel of a ballpark. it's conveniently located next to centurylink field (f.k.a. qwest, home of the seahawks) and armed with a nifty retractable roof for rainy days, but it was closed for some reason despite sunday's despite nice weather.

our tix were seated in right field behind the venerable ichiro suzuki, but i had planned a bit of a scoreboard surprise for heidi that was to play after the 6th inning. because we had no vantage point of the center field scoreboard, we started walking around during the 6th to find better seats (she had no idea what was in store). thankfully, the crowds were quite sparse due to the play of the underwhelming mariners this year, so we walked around the concourse before settling in behind home plate. it was also kids appreciation day, so jordan (and us!) had great fun taking pics with various mascots - including a mexican standoff with a clam - we came upon.

and before you know it, there it is! got a lotta chuckles from those seated near us, as i was pointing to the culprit:

i don't remember a whole lot from that point on, but we did manage to grab a nice photo after the last pitch...

jamey in king's court
1-2-3 safeco!

after the game, we said our goodbyes to carolyn, jamey, jordan & lauren and returned to the mayflower to pick up our car. our last meal consisted of pizza at serious pie and ice cream at molly moon's before heading to the airport. a great trip indeed!

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