Thursday, February 23, 2012

new orleans - day 2

snuck out at 7:30am for a 4.4m run up esplanade ave. to city park, passing by lil dizzy's café and st. louis cemetery #3 along the way. the ground was wet due to a light rain overnight, but it definitely wasn't cold as the humidity was out and in full force. within a few blocks i was sweating, so i can't imagine how runners make do in the summertime...

colors of mardi gras
preparing breakfast
blueberry pancakes & sausage
bourbon st.

we got to talk shop with john and it was cool learning about his background and college life at northwestern state university (louisiana). he prepared a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausage and prepped us on our day ahead.

today's goal was to find some running shoes for heidi, as she forgot to pack hers and needed another pair regardless. a brief search turned up nothing on the nike town or REI front, so we decided to hit up varsity sports on magazine st., reachable via the st. charles ave. streetcar.

we get off at louisiana ave. and stroll down to magazine st., enjoying the historic homes and mansions along the way.

garden district
typical stately home
st. stephen's church
saints country indeed

we struck out at varsity sports, but manage to find her a pair of nike free run+ 2 at a lady foot locker instead. on to lunch!

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