Tuesday, February 14, 2012

wildwood canyon hike

since heidi is a big fan of bakeries, i decided to surprise her on sunday with a stop at porto's in burbank. it's a cuban, family-owned bakery that serves up out-of-this-world treats, like their potato ball (one of my top 25 things to eat in LA) and their guava & cheese strudel.

since we were way out in BFE, i was able to tie-in a nearby hiking trail (wildwood canyon) to try out for the first time, and it was a winner. the trail from the parking lot was just over 4 miles total, but it was a steep ascent that definitely got the lungs burning.

not only that, but we encountered an 11-year-old girl named mariam that appeared to be by herself, making the impressive trek up with considerable pace. after she passed us more than once, i introduced myself to her and had to give her props... turns out she's been hiking since she was 2!

a look back at where we came
reclining chair at the top
view of downtown LA
heidi chasing mariam

since we got off to a late start, we didn't quite get to our original destination (verdugo peak), but we still were able to climb over 2,000 feet in no time flat. all in all, a great hike and definitely one to revisit...

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