Monday, October 10, 2011

encinitas - day 2

sunday was a relaxing day, in that we enjoyed brunch on the patio at 10am. liz was sweet enough to provide for the birthday gifts that i had wrapped, so it was quite the bonus at breakfast.

we jetted off to nearby carlsbad for a yoga class at haute yoga (warm climate controlled rooms), where i proceeded to sweat my @$$ off like never before. as reward, we made a trip to the famed juanitas taco shop, where between the both of us we ordered the beef, carnitas, carne asada & al pastor tacos.

best taco shop in CA?

satisfactorily satiated, we finally packed up our ride at around 4pm and made the drive back to los angeles. another weekend in paradise, where we will definitely be back and at kate stanton inn...

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