Monday, October 10, 2011

visit - hollywood magic castle

last thursday was the first time i paid a visit to the world famous magic castle hotel! finally getting a chance to say "open sesame" after all these years - one can only visit if they've received an invite from a magician or a club member - it was quite the fun and mystifying experience.

built in 1908, the castle is basically a mansion, with different sized magic shows going thru the night. in addition to the larger shows, there are nooks and crannies on each floor where other magicians show off their wares with card tricks and whatnot. most of the invitees build their evening around dinner there, but we were able to partake in the festivities without having to do so (entrees are around $30-40, so they don't come cheap).

we took in the 10pm show in the main performing area - where illusionist jonathan pendragon sawed a girl in half - then saw an 11:15pm show based on memory and math tricks. i couldn't crack anything i saw that night and walked away shaking my head in amazement. because it was a school night, we couldn't stick around for longer, but i definitely hope to make a return trip!

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