Tuesday, October 4, 2011

huntington library & botanical gardens

scratch yet another socal landmark off my list, as i got the chance to visit the beautiful huntington library & gardens on saturday afternoon. despite temps in the high 80s, we were able to find just enough shade throughout to enjoy its expansive grounds (120 acres!).

the gardens are broken up into various themes - chinese garden, rose garden, etc. - and the provided map outlines where everything is located. sadly the japanese garden is currently under construction, as they're gearing up for their 100th anniversary with a 2012 extravaganza.

main entrance
desert garden
lily ponds
up close
at the australian garden, kids by the boatload were scrounging up supplies to make their own whimsical constructs, whether it be a tribal face, a tent, or a pillow of feathers:

and a few snaps at the chinese garden:

mother & newborn
food pavilion
enjoying the tranquility
jade ribbon bridge
taunting the koi

at the entrance

the huntington library, art collections & botanical gardens
1151 oxford road
san marino, CA 91108

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