Friday, June 22, 2012

6 + 3 + 1 > 35 + 0 + 13

congrats to my boys for title #2 and for a scintillating series against the OKC thunder. the heat had the advantage of going thru the pain of losing in last year's finals vs. the dallas mavericks, which fueled their desire & understanding of just how much sacrifice goes into winning it all.

lebron "king" james - this is the LBJ we've all been waiting for, shedding his shrinking violet label and shifting into beast mode each and every game. his incredible game 6 in an elimination game vs. boston at the garden remains his tour de force.

dwyane "D-wade" wade - not the dynamic flash we're accustomed to seeing, but was able to endure nagging knee and back injuries and sacrifice his role as being the top dog to step aside for LBJ, becoming miami's true heartbeat instead.

udonis "UD" haslem - sacrificed more money and years on the table to take a hometown discount w/the heat and win another championship with his partner in crime D-wade

mike miller - somehow willed his body into just being able to walk, let alone put a dagger in OKC's hopes with a stunning 7 threes. if this was indeed his swan song in basketball, he should not be any prouder.

shane battier - rose from the dead during an otherwise forgettable regular season to shoot lights out during the playoffs and provide suffocating D on KD35, making it a chore for him to even catch the ball.

mario "muthafuckin" chalmers - rio once again proved his penchant for the big game. two time high school state champ (alaska), NCAA champ (kansas), now NBA champ.

juwan howard - the heat's resident elder statesman and first of the fab five (with apologies to jimmy king & ray jackson) to score a title. touching embrace w/jalen rose in the celebratory locker room after.

norris cole - if nothing else, for bringing back the high top fade.

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