Friday, June 15, 2012

the tripel - playa del rey

capitalized on work connections to score a free screening of "prometheus" in 3-D at the arclight beach cities on sunday afternoon. it was one of the most amazing films (visually speaking) i've ever seen, in terms of production design and cinematography. the story fell a tad short in providing answers to some of the questions sir ridley scott presents, but the film never loses its ability to captivate.

since we were in el segundo, i took full advantage of finally hitting up the tripel, a cozy gastropub serving up craft beer/libations and the wonderful food of chef brooke williamson, who was previously at the helm of zax in brentwood. plus, its name (a style of belgian beer) is a clever twist on their address: 333 culver blvd.

on the way, we witnessed the most gorgeous sunset off vista del mar, so we pulled over in hopes of getting a few snaps. unbeknownst to us, we drove into a classified chevron refinery and immediately got chased away by a security guard yelling "no trespassing!" whoa.

we settled into a large communal table - there seems to be three or four communal tables here and that's it - at the tripel close to 8pm and settled in for the evening. they have about 16 beers on tap (a good 12 of them belgian), plus an appetizing menu of various odds and ends, all of which sound delicious.

we started off with the kale, burrata & beet juice salad which was perfection in a bowl, before moving on to the pretzel burger for me and the calamari po boy for heidi. both disappeared in minutes, washed down by the rare and tasty scaldis peche mel...

the tripel
333 culver blvd.
playa del rey, CA 90293

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