Saturday, June 2, 2012

run it forward

dashed off to the santa monica pier at lunch on friday to greet the arrival of run it forward, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing children's nutritional, health care and physical needs. eight top ultra-runners - including the two founders of coyote running, jimmy dean freeman and his wife kate - literally ran nonstop from chicago to los angeles via route 66 for 18 days straight.

rock star tour bus
reunited w/spirit
great cause
home sweet home

i'm not sure how each of them were able to survive - the most i've ever ran is 14 miles, and i certainly wasn't ready to head right back out there - but it's a great charity, so the least i could do was lend them my support at the end of their road.

on my way back to the office, i took a few more snaps:

connector above the PCH
arizona ave (between 2nd/3rd)

and for those interested, here's the link to run it forward's site:

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