Thursday, June 28, 2012

linkin park: "living things"

picked up linkin park's 5th album entitled living things, and description-wise it's a unique hybrid between their earlier music of hybrid theory and meteora, and their recent stuff from minutes to midnight and a thousand suns.

at a shade longer than 36 minutes as a whole, the album is fast & furious.

1st track is "lost in the echo," which sonically, is gorgeous. top notch production values and the interplay between mike's raps and chester's urgent vocals bring to mind "papercut," and it's rapid-fire from there. we get a breather on the 8th track - the ballad "roads untraveled" - which slows it down as we get treated to stripped down harmony. "powerless" is the last cut, and it might be the album's best.

my car stereo is getting quite the battle between linkin park and keane right now, so it makes for a very short drive...

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