Wednesday, August 29, 2012

brief update

apologies for the lack of real updates - i'm still battling it out over the available free memory that blogspot allocates for its members. i deleted a host of old posts and pictures to free up space, but it turns out that i was way over the amount to begin with, and all the deleting got my account just to the max of what is allowed. great.

i'm still sitting on a number of recent photos that are in limbo while i figure out what to do. i suppose i could pony up a few ducats to increase memory, but i have a hard time paying for something that i've been doing for free these past few years!

in the meantime, apologies for the run-heavy updates as of late. since taking on the coyote running training program, i've been doing a lot more running than ever (the month of august i'm at an all-time high of 99 miles and counting...), so it has definitely accounted for more of my brain space. the human body is a wonderful thing, so it's been neat to see how much one can put it thru the ringer while also seeing first hand just how strong and resilient it is and can be...

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