Wednesday, August 15, 2012

morro bay - day 1

drove up to morro bay on saturday to spend a long weekend with the better half, and to escape the stifling socal heat! 

along the way, we pulled over for lunch at montecito café and dessert at here's the scoop.

it being my first visit, the best way i can describe montecito is old money. let's just say we automatically brought down the age median, and by a lot haha. at lunch, the couple next to us finished up and went to retrieve their car from valet parking... and out comes this honker of a rolls royce that was the biggest sedan i've ever seen.

we arrived at morro bay close to 4pm and finally got to unwind. it's a quaint little town along the central coast, but it's a beautiful, idyllic setting - not to mention the weather reminds me of SF. our B&B was literally right on top of the water, so views from even our 2nd floor room were stunning. they offer complimentary wine and chips/salsa (what, you haven't heard of this combo?) every evening at 5pm at the mexican joint next door, so we eagerly walked over to take full advantage.

stone's throw from our room
on the pier

dinner was at giancarlo's, an italian/meditteranean spot on morro bay's main street. prosciutto-wrapped mission figs and flatbread w/homemade italian sausage were the highlights of our dinner, but i was horrified by what took place shortly after. we were stuffed but chose to look at the dessert menu anyway, and got excited over their chocolate soufflé. i found it odd that there was no mention of it taking 20-30 minutes to prepare (that's the usual from my experience), but whatever, it gave me a chance to use the restroom. when i came out, i saw them set what looked like our soufflé in the microwave to 1:15, and away it spun as the timer counted down.

sure enough, as soon as i got back to the table, out came the soufflé! no words could describe the disappointment i felt - not only for them to cut corners like that, but to charge $9 for what was an already made dessert! i'm still shaking my head days after, and feel the need to visit roy's hawaiian in order to satiate my desire for a proper chocolate soufflé...

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