Saturday, August 4, 2012

trail kamikaze - meet & greet

on friday night, coaches jimmy dean (yup, like the sausage), kate & blue hosted a little meet & greet at their brentwood pad to usher in the new coyotes for their training program - dubbed trail kamikaze - starting saturday, august 4.

the intimate soiree drew about 35 of us in total, where we got to mingle, watch the olympics (and the giants pound the rockies!) and meet our fellow teammates in a casual and fun setting. even more impressive was getting to see the effervescent jimmy dean and his beautiful wife kate's impressive medal collection from their respective races. everything from the LA marathon to the western states 100 mile endurance run "buckle" was on full display and definitely provided inspiration for those in attendance.

the neatest part of the night was unfortunately a bit of public speaking: by chronological age, each of us explained who we are, how/why we chose the coyotes, our favorite race to date, and which race/event we're aiming to achieve. sadly, i had to wait quite a bit before my name was called, but by the time i spoke up, they had me contemplating changing my goal from the trail marathon at the north face endurance challenge to the 50k (31m vs. 26.2m) at the same event.

of course, the next several weeks will go into determining which event i ultimately land on, but it was exciting to hear everybody's story and i couldn't help but walk away dreaming bigger than i had before. go big or go home right?

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