Wednesday, August 22, 2012

taper time

we're four days away from saturday's bulldog 25K race, so this week is technically time to taper any hard runs and ease into race day. however, tuesday night's training session was a speed workout and it was tough to dial down the pace when you're rarin to go. i ended up running about 6.3M at a variety of paces, then whisked off to my softball game at 8:30pm, where our team proceeded to get trounced by 20+ runs. ouch.

the weather in socal has been unbearably hot the past ten days, but this weekend's forecast promises cooler temps, which would be heaven sent. last year's bulldog was 106 degrees, so it's hard to fathom going thru a punishing 15.7M course in that kind of heat. fingers crossed!

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