Thursday, March 22, 2012

beer belly visit

this past weekend i also had the opportunity to swing by beer belly in koreatown, my first non-evening visit there. they had a completely different menu for brunch, as opposed to dinner, highlighted by snickers pancakes!

since i was still full after just wolfing down some spicy chicken wings at kyochon, i opted for the beer flight of:

* hangar 24 orange wheat (light & refreshing)
* the bruery humulus lager (intense floral nose)
* craftsman el prieto sour black ale (uniquely addicting)
* hangar 24 chocolate porter (robust & hearty)

it's a fabulous craft beer bar with a menu straight out of a test kitchen headed up by doc brown from 'back to the future.' and i mean that in a good way - duck fat fries, "chicken in waffles" (buttermilk fried chicken inside a waffle!), deep fried oreos... love this place!

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