Wednesday, March 21, 2012

review - sprinkles cupcake ATM

took the day off on monday and stayed local just to relax. kicked off the day by seeing the rousing and hilarious 21 JUMP STREET - channing tatum, who knew you were so funny? - before making our first pitstop at sprinkles to check out their new 24-hour cupcake ATM!

only two weeks old, the rainbow-hued ATM is located directly outside the storefront and is still drawing crowds to santa monica blvd. and it's so easy to use!

after a five-minute wait, we stepped up to the machine and got to work ordering our cupcake. first off, the touch screen allows for you to scroll through that day's flavors - including doggy cupcakes - before requesting your credit card for payment. one quick swipe later and the screen turns to camera mode, showing you its electronic arm as it sifts through the maze of freshly made and stocked cupcakes. after it secures your selection, it conveniently drops off the box in the rotating panel, when the curved door slides open and voila! individually boxed cupcake at your fingertips!

sliding door open!

the venerable cupcakery is also opening up their brand new ice cream shop next door, and from the looks of it, it's due to open any day now...

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