Saturday, March 10, 2012

run forrest run...

set a new personal record (PR) on the backbone trail this morning, covering the 7.2m up and back in 1:20. beat my previous best by two minutes, so i was surprised but excited. each time i make the trek up - today was #5 - it seems like such slow going, so when i made it to the halfway point at mulholland highway, i didn't think it was in the cards. i took a one minute breather to down a gu energy gel, then began my descent.

some time splits for me to remember from today's run:

17 min - reach the fence door (it's been there for years)
32 min - 1st visible peek at the looming tower
48 min - reach mulholland highway 3.6m up

anyway, i'm going to reward myself... with another 5m run up/down paseo miramar! wasn't planning on it, but my training buddy asked, so how can i turn him down?

let's hope i survive - 12.2 miles in one day would be new terrain, even though i won't be able to take full credit because it's not one continuous run.

UPDATE: did the 5m round tripper not more than 45 minutes after i got back from backbone - just enough time to slather on some sunblock and head back out. it was tough sledding having to revert back to attack mode, but once we started i felt good. my legs and feet feel great sitting here this evening, but it's probably because of the craft beer i just cracked open.

the end goal is a half marathon, but not just any half: the 22k (14+ miles) xterra malibu creek trail run on april 29. it's a good 3.5 miles more than the xterra mission gorge, but i feel like i'm making good progress - outside of the food binge in new orleans - and am ready for the challenge. 

but in the meantime, we have warrior dash (the 3rd time running it) later this month!

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