Saturday, March 3, 2012

review - KTCHN 105

got back from new orleans late saturday night, just in time to have brunch with my cousin caroline and friend olivia on sunday morning. we had 11am plans to meet up at KTCHN 105, some sort of pop-up brunch spot located in a random warehouse in downtown LA. heidi and i were the first to show up, only to arrive with no clue as to how to get in. one can see the address on the outside of the building, but there are no signs and no open access doors anywhere.

nondescript warehouse
purple pig!

we meet up with another group wandering the sidewalk and luckily one of their friends is inside and opens the secure gate, so we all can pour in like chumps. i tell the maitre d' that we're here for an 11am reservation and not only does she tell me that there's not a reservation under our name, but we can't dine here unless we have a reservation. how ironic that i just came back from a city with open arms, and here we are trying to eat brunch at some secret spot with no open doors and that requires reservations!

lo and behold, we're in luck as there's a last minute cancellation, so we're finally shepherded inside to an available table. the kitchen looks like something out of somebody's home, but there's a homely yet industrial feel that emits a casual, funky vibe. the menu is limited to four ever-changing printed entrees and two specials on the board, in addition to a couple of appetizers and freshly made drinks.

inside at last
dining area
blue cornmeal waffle BLT

as a group, we opt for the cheesy grits - and by cheese i mean brie - which are served with cherries and apples. it sounds like a strange concoction, but the flavors actually sing and it's a great starter. i grab literally the last blue cornmeal waffle BLT special - the waffle serving as the bread - and it's fantastic. heidi and olivia go for the trout and eggs, while caroline smartly chooses the homemade corned beef hash, which is even better than the BLT.

kudos to KTCHN 105 for putting out fresh, inventive and delicious food!

1250 long beach ave.
los angeles, CA 90021


Nycbruin said...

And thank you for figuring out how to get inside! Despite the location and convoluted entrance, this place rocks. Apparently they teach cooking classes, too.

money B said...

indeed. mad props on suggesting the spot in the first place!