Friday, March 2, 2012

new orleans - day 4

woke up on saturday reminiscing about what an incredible time we had the day before, then headed downstairs for our last breakfast at la maison marigny... none other than chocolate hazelnut french toast, a specialty of john's. i don't know how he manages to sneak nutella inside, but it's a home run. we pack up our stuff in advance of our 7:30pm flight, then head to the french market for some last minute souvenir shopping.

it just so happens that we catch the flea market, so i come away with a harmonica and a few other trinkets to take back with me. turns out the guy i bought the harmonica from plays guitar and knew somebody in the SF symphony, so we were chopping it up about going to concerts at davies hall and also my old stomping grounds at the conservatory of music.

we head out for our last meal in new orleans at the soul food joint li'l dizzy's café, located a 1/2 mile from our b&b. it's neat to walk thru the tremé - now an HBO show - one of the oldest areas in the city and once the main neighborhood of free people of color.

down in the tremé
underneath the 10 freeway
neighborhood chapel
lil dizzy's café

we hunker down at li'l dizzy's and decide to go balls out with the lunch buffet, as there's too many delectable items on the menu to leave out. in addition to the egg station where they make omelets/scrambles to order, they have fried chicken, cajun links, sausage, grits, roasted potatoes, crawfish etouffée, gumbo, mac & cheese and bread pudding for dessert.

i sample everything... twice, including four succulent pieces of fried chicken as well as two bowls of their bread pudding. it's a slice of heaven here, as plaques of obama, dubya, oprah and kelly ripa of all people line the walls gushing about their meals here.

ceiling art
sweet plates

li'l dizzy's café
1500 esplanade ave.
new orleans, LA 70116

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