Sunday, March 25, 2012

eric's birthday - mastro's ocean club

celebrated my friend eric's birthday last night in style, getting swooped up in a limo and surprising him with an intimate dinner with friends at mastro's ocean club in newport beach. homeboy had no clue what was going down, so props to his wife kym for organizing the special night!

we got started early, taking down vodka and jack daniels on the drive over - had to take advantage of our surroundings! - before settling into mastro's at around 8:15pm. the place was packed (cougars are definitely out in full force here, searching for wealthy OC "benefactors"), so we celebrated at the bar with shots of the bartender's choosing. the end result were two drinks called love potion #69 and violet night, both of which went down smoothly.

by this time, the women in the group started hugging everybody in sight, disappeared into the bathroom for mysterious lengths of time, and were losing their phones/purses/minds at random, so by the time dinner came around, our table of 8 became a table of 5 haha. nevertheless, an amazing seafood platter, a new york strip steak and lobster mac & cheese did much to satiate my hunger.

i happened to be the only one without kids, so it was hilarious to see everybody go buck wild for a night while not having to take care of their brood. good times indeed!

the group minus 4

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